Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Code Day!

Lord of the Starfields
Ah, the brouhahha surrounding a movie! It's not the first time a motion picture has sent shockwaves across the entertainment world, and it won't be the last. With all the fuss over The Da Vinci Code, are people actually going to see it? Yes, I am! Like so many other motion pictures, it is a combination of truth, legend and myth. It reminds me of the TV series, Stargate SG1. Elements of history, things we've known combined with things we've heard topped off with a twist of fiction and of course a big "What If?"

Da Vinci Code
Now that "The Da Vinci Code" movie has hit theaters, audiences across the nation are being presented with a very distorted view about Jesus and Christianity. You, however, can help ensure these distortions do not go unchallenged and people know the real Truth about Jesus.

Aida Alvarez
Saw the Da VInci code with Chiles and Tony I cried, laughed and was amazed to see so many people at the theater at noon It was very tastefully done true to the book .

The Da Vinci Code Podcast
I just recorded a 39-minute podcast about the book, gnosticism, new ageism, feel-good spirituality - with me getting mad (I know, hard to believe!) at some points. Also, a hilarious quote from the book, and grand quotes from Pope Benedict XVI and Chesterton.

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