Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tammy & Technorati Today!

Go Tammy Go! Singapore's REAL IDOL continues an unprecedented run at the top of the Technorati Charts and THEN SOME!

  1. Morning Traffic

    In case anyone was curious, the traffic this morning wasn’t too bad. The busiest hour had about 2,000 visitors ... like being NYP Tammy herself, or that “I kiss you!” guy, or maybe the Star Wars kid, or something ... . I have to say, I’m still very surprised to see NYP Tammy holding tight onto the top 2 Technorati

  2. Traffic Tammy

    If you’re curious as to what they look like, here’s a photo of Tammy and her boyfriend, not engaging in any kind of sexual activity! ... on board this Tammy NYP thing, and nobody's jumping off until the steam totally runs out ... in the space of about 7 days are Tammy NYP related! A lot of bloggers are just throwing "Tammy NYP

  3. Tammy Traffic

    Dear Visitors, you have found this website from either Technorati or Google, ... files which are seemingly labeled as “Tammy NYP Video”, however these bear a possible thread ... but you will not find anything about the asian girl named Tammy except speculation, reports


The Singapore Pornosphere?

What the hell is going on... Last 20 Searchengine Queries Unique Visitors 28 Feb, Tue, 10:13:41 Google: ... : tammy nyp download 28 Feb, Tue, 10:24:45 Yahoo: mr srajaratnamonline broadcasting for 25 feb06 28 Feb, Tue, 10:34:59 Yahoo: sex blog singapore 28 Feb, Tue, 10:38:40 Yahoo: Download Tammy Nyp

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